Height, Slew & Floor Restrictors & Barriers

Height, Slew and Floor Restrictions

Our range of machines 20T and greater come with Height, Slew and floor restrictors. This ensures that a machine does not extend beyond a present point as it turns, lifts or excavates to ensure the machine does not come into contact with services or objects on the project site. This essentially reduces the risk considerably of the human factor by eliminating the risk almost totally.

If you’re looking for the most advanced height, slew, floor restrictors and e-fencing, you’ve come to the right place. At Alltracks Plant Hire, we deal with only the best of the best gear and equipment Australia Wide.

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In case your project requires you to utilise for safety and productivity mechanical restriction equipment, slew, and floor restrictors and barriers, we have a wide range of Excavators on offer.

Our restrictors and e-fencing capability will ensure that your machines don’t extend beyond the presenting point as they excavate, lift or turn to make sure they don’t come into contact with any objects or services on the worksite.

We are fully dedicated to completely reducing any risk and ensuring maximum safety for the staff and the environment.

Our Scope

Our height restriction equipment includes a range of solutions that fits an array of different industries. Choose from our range of solutions that include:

  • Slew restrictor – to prevent damage as you move side to side
  • Height Restrictor – to prevent damage to structures or overhead utilities
  • Cab Damage Prevention Restrictor – to ensure you don’t hit the cab as your working
  • Floor restrictors – to prevent over excavation or damage to underground utilities
  • E-Fencing – can be applied in practically all directions including the length the arm of the machine can extend infront of you

By hiring our services, you’re ensuring full commitment and top expertise Australia Wide. We have long years of cooperating with well-known companies in our industry. Our fleet utilises the latest technology, and we employ only the top talent to ensure customer-centric and professional services, according to the latest standards in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for excavators, bulldozers, graders, dump and water trucks or earthmoving attachments, Alltracks Plant Hire is at your disposal 24/7.

Height and Slew Restrictors

Our height restrictors are designed to prevent any damage due to high-level impact. If there is a risk of such an impact at your project site, our slew and height restrictors will prevent any costly and disruptive damage. At the same time, the driver of the vehicle will be mechanically restricted if the load or vehicle is too close to an overhead structure or utility service ensuring a safe operation in tricky places.

Suppose your project requires you to use excavators or bulldozers next to the passing public, fixed hazards, highways or live railways. In that case, you’ll need a slew restrictor – even more so if your project takes you anywhere near central reservations.

Nowadays, the majority of construction sites require some kind of slew control. In other words, your construction equipment must be equipped with slew restrictors to exercise the latest safety protocols and standards. Using these limiters allows you to reap a few benefits along the way:

  • You avoid the risk of any incidents;
  • Minimal equipment downtime;
  • Cost mitigation;
  • Increased slew control;
  • Improved on-site safety;
  • Increased ROI on the equipment by increasing productivity;

To maximise safety, we offer full-range control slew restrictors that allow you to establish full control over depth, slew, reach, and height. Explore the full range of our height and slew restrictors.

Height Restrictors

Our adjustable height restrictors are designed to allow works to continue without damaging overhead structures or utilities.

At Alltracks Plant Hire, we offer the most advanced height restrictors to ensure you increase safety to people and avoid any damage to your equipment and structures or utilities at the project site. With our wide range of competitive prices, features, and e-fencing solutions, you’ll find everything you need to ensure full safety and maximum efficiency.


What is a height Restrictor?

A height restrictor is an additional piece of construction technology that can be installed on excavators to control their position by controlling pre-set-height limits and ensuring increased worksite safety. The limiter restricts mechanically the operator of the machine when the height limit is reached.

What is a slew restrictor?

Slew restrictors allow you to control the position of the excavator’s dipper and boom by monitoring their movement around the site and restricting the operator from reaching predefined limits. The primary purpose of these restrictors is to prevent any incidents and collisions with other objects present at the site, to increase the level of safety for everyone involved.

Where can I hire Height & Slew Restrictors?

At Alltracks Plant Hire, we create opportunities for our clients to hire top of the range equipment coupled with technology such as height and slew restrictors Australia Wide. Browse through our website for more details or contact us today to get your free quote.