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If you are someone in the construction business and if you are looking to rent some heavy machinery, you would have come across the concept or at least the terms dry hire and wet hire. 

Dry hire of equipment or machinery is basically one of the two ways in which companies rent out their equipment. So, what does dry hire mean exactly?

Understanding the Term Dry Hire

If you are looking to rent heavy machinery or equipment required in mining, infrastructure structure, civil, projects, rail/pipeline/energy projects, you can do it in two ways – dry hire, wet hire. 

Dry hire is where you rent just the equipment without renting the services of the operator. Conversely, wet hire is where you rent both the equipment as well as the person operating the equipment. 

To understand whether a dry hire is right for you, we first have to look at the advantages of opting for dry hire.

What Are The Advantages of Dry Hire?

On the surface, one might feel that a wet hire might be beneficial over dry hire. In reality, dry hire equipment comes with many advantages, especially for the person who is renting the equipment.

1. Cost Benefits

One of the major benefits of a dry hire of machinery is the cost-benefit. With dry hire machinery, one only has to pay for the equipment, which will be significantly less than what one would have to pay for the equipment as well as the services of the operator (if one opts for wet hire).

The concept of dry hire equipment especially makes a lot of sense for people who are in the relevant business and would require the machinery regularly and not just for single use.

2. More Control

Since dry hire equipment doesn’t come with an operator, the individual or the business should hire or already have someone on the team who can operate the machinery.

It results in a lot more control over the operator as well as a degree of convenience since the operator works for you rather than the company hiring out the equipment.

Moreover, if the operator is someone already in the team, they will have a better idea of the work that is to be done, resulting in better time management and, thus, more cost-savings.

3. Flexibility

Another significant advantage with the dry hire of equipment is the flexibility that comes with it. If you need to hire the operator too (as is the case of wet hire), you will typically have to pay by the hour. Hence, you will have to put in a lot of planning to ensure that the operator’s services are being used as efficiently as possible.

But when it comes to dry hire, you don’t really have to think about the operator’s time as they are someone already working for you. Hence, there is considerable flexibility on when and how you can use the machinery and the operator.

In short, dry hire machinery isn’t just a lot more affordable, it also provides the individual or company hiring the equipment with a lot more flexibility and control over the machinery and the operator.

Who Should Opt for Dry Hire Machinery?

Though dry hire comes with many advantages and is generally the preferred method when renting machinery. It finally boils down to just one question – is dry hire right for me? 

Well, dry hire can be perfect for:

  • Companies that need to rent heavy equipment like dry hire excavators and bulldozers, etc. on a regular basis
  • Companies that have people who have the knowledge and experience of handling the necessary equipment
  • Contractors or companies working on tighter budgets
  • Basic and straightforward projects and requirements that aren’t too technical

In case you are still undecided on whether to opt for dry hire or wet hire or if you are looking for more information, feel free to look up our Dry Hire & Rentals Solutions and wet hire services.

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If you are looking to dry hire equipment in any region of Australia, visit us online. We specialise in safe and efficient earthmoving equipment like an excavator, bulldozer, grader, dump trucks, water trucks, and more. 

Alltracks Plant Hire maintains a fleet of the latest gear, earthmoving attachments, and 3D GPS solutions available for hire all over rural and urban Australia. 

All our equipment is 100% compliant with Civil and Mining sites and is also eco-friendly, following Tier 4 Emission guidelines. For support, advise or to rent equipment, contact our experienced and knowledgeable customer support.

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