Bulldozer Hire


Alltracks utilises Caterpillar Bulldozers starting at D6 Size. Our bulldozers have the following features:

  • Full safety specifications to most sites throughout Australia
  • Extremely well maintained
  • GPS Auto Controls
  • VPat Blades and SU Blades depending on size and application
  • Rippers at rear
  • Late models machines


You need it – we will make it happen.

Take advantage of the latest in dozer technology with comprehensive bulldozer hire options from Alltracks Plant Hire. Equipped with a heavy-duty metal blade, bulldozers shift tons of earth, sand, rubble and other material in seconds. They also barrel through the bush, making them ideal building site prep vehicles. Each bulldozer has a ripper at the rear to help loosen compacted soil.

You benefit from the latest technology when you make Alltracks Plant Hire your go-to dozer dry hire partner. We operate one of the most up-to-date bulldozer fleets in Australia, so you can enjoy features like GPS Machine Control, blade lift automation and slope assist technology whenever you hire a machine.

Why Hire a Bulldozer?

Brand-new bulldozers can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, making them too expensive for all but the biggest construction companies. Thankfully, you can leverage the latest bulldozer technology without having to purchase a machine outright. Here are some of the biggest advantages of dozer hire:

  • Our dozers are modern, safe and well-maintained – SU and Pat Blade Options
  • You save thousands, preserving your capital.
  • Small, medium and large machines are available.
  • You can hire an operator along with the bulldozer.
  • You can use the latest dozer tech, including grade and slope-assist functionality
  • You won’t have to find long-term storage space for a bulldozer.

We have specialist machines like mulcher dozers available, as well as a selection of regular bulldozers.

D6 to D8 Dozers

Alltracks Plant Hire has a range of bulldozers available for hire. To clear rough terrain and prepare smaller building sites, choose a dozer to meet your requirements. We have a range of dozers with different blade and track configurations to ensure we cater to your requirements

Robust and powerful, our dozers move tons of earth at once and have fully automatic transmissions to make handling easier. Extremely durable and fuel-efficient, these machines make material handling much easier.  Features like GPS machine control, grade & slope-assist help operators maintain productivity.

Ideal for mining and motorway construction work, large bulldozers have a high torque rise, so they shift masses of material effortlessly. Our bulldozers also meet emissions standards, so they’re an eco-friendly choice for major building projects. Alltracks Plant Hire is 100% compliant with most Civil (G22) and Mining sites in Australia, so we’re an ideal partner for companies with big jobs to do.

Bulldozer Rent-to-Own

At Alltracks Plant Hire, bulldozer rental is just the beginning. If you plan to buy or lease a bulldozer, you can rent a similar model from us to test your target machine. We offer a rent-to-own scheme on ex-rental bulldozers, making it easy to save money if you decide you need your own machine on site.

To find out more about rent-to-own or other dozer hire options, get in touch via our contact page, call 1300 515 000, email us at info@alltracksplanthire.com.au or visit your closest branch.


Are you looking for more information about bulldozer hire? You’re in the right place — here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

How can I hire a bulldozer?

Hiring a bulldozer is quick and simple. You can speak to us in person at your closest location, you can call us on 1300 515 000, or you can email us at info@alltracksplanthire.com.au. If you prefer, you can fill out the form on our contact page.

Can I get an operator with my bulldozer?

Yes, you can. We have a great team of bulldozer operators with years of experience who can help you complete your project. We also have plant managers available. If you feel confident and have a verification of competency; the 2011 Work Health & Safety Act removed the need for an EPC qualification for heavy machinery operation in Australia.

What bulldozers do you have on offer?

We have an extensive range of bulldozers D5 to D8 dozers for road and infrastructure construction projects with a range of track and blade configurations. When you rent a bulldozer from Alltracks Plant Hire, we provide you with 24/7 support.

What is the right dozer for my job?

Before choosing a dozer, think about what you want to do with it. Small crawler dozers are fast and easy to manoeuvre, making them ideal for landscaping and finishing works. Medium and Large dozers handle a lot of material at once, so they come in handy for road-building and construction site clearance projects.

Do you offer Australia-wide bulldozer hire?

We work with companies all over Australia, including in rural and remote areas. We can send earthworks machinery to any location — even the Outback. Our teams have helped with civil engineering, mining, infrastructure, pipeline and maintenance projects in every area of the country.