Grader Hire


Our graders are purchased new to ensure precision work everytime.

Our graders have the following specifications:

  • 12 foot, 14 foot, 16 foot blades
  • Rippers at rear
  • GPS Auto Grade
  • Pilot joystick controls
  • UTS Enabled to allow millimetre precision
  • All safety specs
  • Excellent operators as required

You need it – we will make it happen.

Choose Alltracks for high-spec grader hire and take the guesswork out of your grading project. Also known as motor graders or blades, road graders level building sites and have a vital role to play in motorway, highway construction and infrastructure projects. They move tonnes of gravel, earth and debris in minutes, making them essential pieces of equipment for any project site.

Alltracks Plant Hire has one of the youngest grader rental fleets in the nation, and we constantly upgrade our machines. When you rent a grader from us, you’ll enjoy cutting-edge perks like joystick control, GPS auto-grading, air conditioning and the ability to have GPS Machine Control as well as Universal Total Station (UTS) technology for greater precision.

Why Choose a Grader Hire?

Graders are essential, but they’re also very expensive to own outright. Newer, larger models often cost more than $500,000 per machine, while older motor graders still often cost nearly $100,000 dollars each. When you hire a grader rather than buying a grader, you benefit in the following ways:

  • You gain access to clean, well-maintained, modern machines.
  • You’ll potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • You can rent the right machine for your project.
  • The latest upgrades, like UTS and auto-grade technology, help you do a better job on-site and are quickly upgrading technologies – you get that when you rent the machine
  • You don’t have to store a large machine.
  • You can hire an experienced operator to operate your grader.

When you rent a grader from Alltracks Plant Hire, you’ll receive a machine with all safety and productivity specs fulfilled as standard.

Compact 12-Foot Blades

Graders with 12-foot blades are fuel-efficient and reliable, making them ideal for small gravel road grading projects. Compact articulated motor graders are a popular choice for small jobs, including landscaping projects and building site prep. Tilting wheels equipped with ultra-strong tires stay stable on slopes, while GRADE technology helps improve grading efficiency.

Standard 14-Foot Blades

Larger than compact graders yet smaller than oversized graders, standard graders are both powerful and nimble. These machines are essential for road construction, and the models offered by Alltracks have large tapered windows for excellent visibility on-site. rear-vision cameras enhance the line of sight, while joystick controls reduce operator fatigue. Many of our graders come with safety features, such as Operator Presence Monitors and enhanced tandem wheel brakes, to protect personnel.

Large 16-Foot Blades

Rugged and dependable, our large motor graders level ground quickly and efficiently. Equipped with extra-wide blades, they move a lot of earth or gravel per sweep, depositing each windrow well clear of the machine’s tires. Access platforms, rearview cameras and seatbelt indicators enhance safety on board, while variable horsepower engines help operators maintain complete control. Meanwhile, Alltracks grader perks like eco-mode help you save money on fuel. All the machines in our fleet have extended maintenance intervals to reduce downtime.

Grader Rent-to-Buy or Ex Rental Purchase Options

If you rent a grader from Alltracks, you might decide to purchase a machine of your own. In that case, please talk to us about rent-to-own or Purchase options. We offer rent-to-buy deals on many of our graders, including low-houred ex-rental models, which can save you money.

To learn more about grader hire, rent-to-buy  or grader purchase options or general construction fleet hire, call 1300 515 000, email or come and see us at your closest branch.

Grader for Hire FAQs

Interested in a grader for hire but don’t know where to start? Read on to learn the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Does Alltracks Plant Hire provide an Australia-wide service?

We work with construction companies in urban and rural areas all over Australia and regularly send graders to road building and development projects in remote areas, including the bush. If you have a grading need, we can help you no matter where you are.

How do I hire a grader?

Alltracks makes grading hire simple. Use the form on our contact page to get started, or email If you prefer, you can phone us on 1300 515 000, or speak with a member of staff at your closest branch.

What types of graders do you have?

We offer a range of high-quality graders with 12-foot, 14-foot and 16-foot blade spans. Our graders also have rippers at the rear, making them ideal for a variety of construction projects.

Do you have CAT graders for hire?

Yes! The CAT graders in our fleet are modern machines with all the latest technology, including GPS and GRADE automation, on board. The next-generation cabs on our CAT graders provide maximum operator comfort to increase productivity.

Can I get an operator with my grader?

You certainly can. We have extensively experienced machine operators and plant managers available to help you get the most out of your grader. Alternatively, you can legally drive the grader yourself provided you have a Verification of Competency (VOC): the Work Health & Safety Act of 2011 removed the need for an EPC certification requirement for heavy machinery operation.